The Footsi®
Comfort Function Innovation

Welcome to the home of the original Footsi highchair footrest created by mum of three Melina, in 2018. Our Footsi is recommended by pediatric feeding experts and dieticians.

We are here to help you transform your babies eating experience with practical, functional and aesthetically beautiful accessories for your highchair. 

Create an ideal high chair by providing support for your bubs feet

Select from our original Footsi (soft padded foam) or Woodsi (bamboo)

Added stability provides security and comfort for you child while sitting. (Imagine yourself sitting on a barstool with no foot support?) 

And adding back support

Our cushion is super functional and provides support for your baby so that they can sit upright and comfortably whilst eating. Also, as a mum, I know how messy mealtimes can be so our NEW cushion covers are now waterproof, wipeable, stainproof and machine washable whilst still remaining soft on bubs skin.

The Nibble Spoon

The Nibble spoon has been especially designed to minimise your baby choking or gagging on the spoon with its front stops and wide handle design.   

What we also love about it: 

Made of 100% food grade silicone, FDA tested

Has a soft and bendy spoon which is soft on baby gums

Easy for baby to grab

Continuous silicone design improves hygiene (no seals for mould/grime to stick to)




I'm a speech pathologist with paed feeding experience and just used our Footsi, big difference! Main benefit is to use arms & hands properly, kids need trunk support and the only way they can achieve this is with a foot plate. We would struggle to eat with our feet off the floor. Thanks for a great product!



My 11mo already sits better and seems more comfy. I just wish I had one back when by 2.5yo was little! Great idea, thank you xx

Kate T

Great product! We love the footsi! It was very easy to set up — I watched the videos on installation as well! They’re very helpful! Also, customer service is amazing!

Britnee Bri'lee

The lack of footrest really bothered me about the Ikea highchair, all the feeding clinics at the hospitals use Stokke chairs for this reason. This product fixes that!


Monica R

Best invention for the Ikea highchair.



My 9 month old used to constantly kick his legs up the tray. Now they comfortably rest & he can concentrate on eating.


My son loves his footsi and I've enjoyed purchasing from your business. Looking forward to continuing to support your business where I can.


Our products are loved by the experts

The Footsi®

The original highchair footrest

The Footsi® was the first adjustable highchair footrest available and was designed in 2018 by an Aussie Mum who loved the ease of cleaning the Ikea Antilop high chair but noticed without a footrest, her daughter fidgeted and looked uncomfortable with her feet dangling down, constantly trying to find some support.

After a little research into gross motor skill development while eating, she discovered that one of the key reasons for kids not enjoying mealtimes was because they had nowhere to rest their feet. Having foot support not only promotes good posture, but allows your baby to feel comfortable and secure in their highchair which encourages the your tiny human to focus on eating.