Installation of Your Footsi®

Installing your Footsi® (bamboo footrest for the Ikea Antilop High chair) only takes a couple of minutes. Please either visit our Instagram page @nibbleandrest for tutorials on hook application, placement and removal or head on over to our FAQ section for a more detailed guide.

1/ Install the O-rings

  • Video instructions available on our Website, IG and FB.
  • Remove 6 O-rings from the pouch provided (these are the black rubber circles, 2 O-rings have been provided spare as replacements, please keep in a safe place as they are a choking hazard).
  • Place the highchair on its back, with the two rear legs sitting on the floor.
  • Roll three O-rings provided up each of the front legs (6 all together). Position 2 O-rings (stacked) at the approximate height you want the footrest to sit and the third O-ring 15cm higher than the bottom O-ring.
  • Place the highchair back into an upright position, on its 4 legs.

2/ Install the Footrest

  • Once you have positioned the O-rings on the front legs, guide the footrest in place by placing it on the bottom o-rings, on one leg first and then lever at an angle onto the bottom o-rings on the second leg, then roll the third top oring down on top of the footrest. (you may need to adjust the O-rings a little until the footrest is secure).
  • Adjust the top O-rings back to the footrest so there the footrest is locked firmly in place between the O-rings.

3/ Cleaning

  • To clean the footrest, wipe down with warm water ensuring all food, dust or dirt is removed, then allow to air dry.
  • Do not use cleaning chemicals as they may damage the bamboo.
  • To clean the O-rings, simply remove and pop into a wash bag and wash on cold cycle separately to other items. Stain remover can be used. Do not use bleach, fabric softener, iron, dry-clean or tumble-dry

Removal of footrest

  • Remove footrest then roll the O-rings down the legs until they come off the egs.


  • ALWAYS securely fasten your child using the high chair harness system while using The Footrest.
  • This Footrest has been designed for use with the Ikea Antilop high chair, or something similar.
  • Observe your high chair’s own instructions and warnings for safe use.
  • Secure the high chair and Footrest before placing the child in the high chair.
  • The O-rings cannot withstand the whole bodyweight of a child for prolonged periods, therefore do not allow your child to stand on the Footrest or climb in and out of the high chair, repeatedly standing on the Footrest, may cause wear and tear that PMHC Holdings Pty Ltd will not be liable for. Recommended child weight up to 15 kg.
  • Do not leave your child unattended whilst using the Footrest.
  • The Footrest is not a toy and may be a choking hazard; therefore, do not let your child play with the Footrest or the O-rings.
  • All of the O-rings (including spares) are a potential hazard to children, therefore keep out of reach of children and follow our instruction guide carefully as to the safe use of this product,
  • Store high chair away from children when not in use. If this is not possible, remove the Footrest and store away from the reach of children.
  • The Footrest and O-rings are not to be used for any purpose other than what is intended (as above).
  • The cardboard box the footrest came in is not a toy, please keep this out of reach from children.
  • You are responsible for the safe operation of The Footrest and by installing the Footrest, you accept that PMHC Holdings Pty Ltd (trading as Nibble and Rest) and its subsidiaries and associated trading companies, waiver all responsibility to the unsafe use, unsafe installation or unsafe handling of The Footrest in any way.