Our Story


Hi, my name is Melina and I’m the footrest enthusiast that created the Footsi. Our story with the Footsi started back in 2017 with my first-born Chiara. Her highchair didn’t have a footrest so she spent most of mealtimes kicking her legs around rather than eating her food. One night it occurred to me that she was kicking around trying to find some support for her feet so I sat next to her and let her rest her feet on my legs. There had to be a better solution!

I started designing an adjustable footrest for highchairs and also fell pregnant with twins at the same time. So in 2019 the next three members of our family were born. Identical twin boys Lachlan and Thomas and our fourth baby the Footsi™️.

Thousands of mums have already been sharing their stories of less fussy mealtimes since using the Footsi™️ footrest. Being from an Italian heritage, I am so proud I could create something to help children mangiare (to eat) during mealtimes and helps promote a positive relationship with food. I hope you enjoy your Footsi and thanks for visiting.