How to Transition from Bottle to Sippy Cups

When your baby has started solids, it may also be time to introduce a sippy cup. In the beginning it won’t be so much about your baby drinking a whole lot but more about learning repetitive fine motor actions. It’s going to involve lots of spills but by the age of one your baby will most likely have the hang of it. Some parents like to do a cold turkey method and stop using a bottle overnight were as some parents prefer to do it gradually. Do whatever works best for you and your baby. Everyone has a different journey. 

Babies learn so much from watching their parents, so take the time to demonstrate drinking from a cup to encourage your bub to do the same. Give them an empty cup to play with and see if they might follow your movements, practice is essential for all babies learning. 

Silicone lids, straws and sprouts are a great as they will feel familiar to bottles. Silicone is fantastic for baby tableware as it 100% food grade, BPA free and super easy to clean – how good is that? You can introduce first either a straw or sprouted sippy cup to your baby and slowly as they improve to a regular cup.  You might like to start with water first but then choose to introduce diluted juice as a more exciting option for your baby. You should see your baby’s ability to drink and use a cup improve over a few months’ time.